One of the sporting highlights of the year in Knaresborough had to be the Tour De France.
Not normally ones to be interested in men in lycra pedaling around the countryside the idea of standing around for hours waiting to see cyclists race past in a blur had most of us non-plussed, surely we could watch it all from the pub.


But, as the day came closer we couldn’t help feel a little bit proud of as our small town took centre stage for its 5 minutes of fame. A few of us had donated our old bikes (let’s be honest it’s the most use they’ll ever have) to be painted yellow and dotted around town, and my missus joined a group making special Tour bunting to be strung up all over town. Knaresboroough looked fantastic, even the town park was planted to theme.

On the day a group of us gathered out 8am to toast in the day, there was a carnival feel as we waited, and finally the leaders started whizzing past. To see them take on the sharp bends en-masse was amazing. And then it was all over as quickly as it arrived, giving us opportunity to head to the pub and watch the highlights.

My money had been on Chris Froome to see the defending champ go past, I was gutted when he crashed out just a few days later. I must say I think we all gained a healthy respect for these guys over the few days they brought the Le Spectacle to town.